Road freight

International land transport plays a crucial role in connecting various modes of transportation. At ADL, we recognize its significance and provide dependable and budget-friendly services tailored to your individual needs for transporting goods.

Land shipments with ADL

If you need to transport your shipments overland, our team of specialists can assist you in finding the best solution. We provide full truckload options and groupage shipments to Europe and other destinations, allowing for flexible delivery options.

Freight destinations

We provide land transport services for goods, including full truckload (FTL) shipments to and from European countries, former Soviet Republics, and the Middle East. We also offer part load (LTL) shipments to and from European countries and Turkey, as well as groupage transports to and from European countries and Turkey.

Types of shipments 

Our company is experienced in managing different types of shipments, such as express deliveries, hazardous goods, temperature-sensitive goods, excisable goods, oversized cargo, and bulk cargo.

Road transport offers many advantages, including flexibility, accessibility, and timeliness, making it an ideal option for various businesses. It provides an adaptable solution for both point-to-point delivery and multi-stop distribution.

Advantages of road transport

Road transport offers several advantages that can be highly beneficial for your logistics operations:


Compared to other modes of transportation, road transport, specifically by trucks and highways, tends to be more cost-effective due to lower fuel costs than those of ships.

This is because fuel costs are lower compared to ships and airplanes. Additionally, road transport does not require specific infrastructure such as ports and airports, leading to overall lower expenses.

Flexibility and speed

This mode of transportation is great for short and medium distances because it allows for speedy and efficient shipment preparation and execution. It also provides fast order fulfillment and timely delivery, ensuring that goods are transported promptly.

Flexibility of schedules and volumes

Road transport is more flexible than airplanes, trains, or ships because it can adjust to delivery timelines and shipment volumes, including groupage options. Unlike other modes of transportation, routes and schedules can be easily customized to individual needs without any complications.

Improved traceability

The use of modern technologies like GPS and fleet management software enables the real-time tracking of trucks, leading to improved visibility of shipments. This, in turn, facilitates proactive problem-solving and efficient management of potential disruptions.

Door-to-door service

We can pick up your goods from the location you specify and safely deliver them to their final destination. This is especially helpful for perishable items and reduces the need for extra handling.

Simplified documentation

When compared to sea or air transport, road transport has less complicated documentation procedures. This leads to shorter waiting times at customs and during delivery, which ultimately makes the entire delivery process more efficient.