ADL Ltd (Anywhere Delivery & Logistics)

The universal supplier in logistics! International freight forwarding, air freight, sea freight, courier shipments and customs brokerage.

Air Freight

Inquire the parameters of you air freight shipment and we will do the rest. Your time is valuable for us! Please allow us to take care of it and turn it to money.

Courier services

Thanks to our wide range of partners, that specialize in deliveries of small shipments, we solve your urgent business needs.

Sea Freight

Do not haste to trust the lowest price in sea freight! Ask for advice first!

Road freight

We don’t need a huge fleet of trucks to accommodate each and every one of your needs regarding, both FTL and LTL.

Customs Brokerage

Don’t waste time and mental health to get to know in depth customs documents and formalities. Our team has faced all sorts of cases and we have always managed to overpower the Bureaucracy in Bulgarian customs.

Cargo insurance

Don’t rely on luck! Don’t think “It’s not going to happen to me!” Let the insurance companies work for you!

Additional services

We don’t do first or second class jobs. Our attitude towards the whole package of services is equally professional, so our clients will always be satisfied.

ADL in 2023

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