Shipping Wine

Since the antiquity winemaking has been widely spread in Bulgaria. This tradition has lasted through the centuries and today in Bulgaria wine business is growing together with the needs of safe and quick transport.

Warehousing, completion of documents, packing, exhibition deliveries, international transport – ADL`s vast experience will help you with any of the steps of your wine delivery.

Warehousing – we can provide warehousing in bonded and non-bonded warehouse. We offer option and for temperature controlled warehousing.

Completion of documents – our customs brokers have will help you all types of customs, excise and accompanying documents regardless if your wine will be imported or exported.

Packing – many people underestimate how important the good packing for safe arrival of the wines is. We offer packing for all the types of wine shipments – from single samples to bigger quantities that need to be packed on a pallet.

Exhibition deliveries – ADL has took part as delivery agent in many international wine fairs. We have experience and contacts with the organizers of all the bigger wine wine shows in Europe – the fairs in Bordoux, London, Barcelona, Dusseldorf. We are working together with licensed importers of wines in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam which allows us to deliver your wine to the markets in the Far East.

International transport – single samples sent as courier shipment or full container loads – we can provide you with the best solution so your wine arrives safely and on time. We have weekly road groupages from Spain, France and Italy. We also have extensive experience in the import of wines from Australia, New Zealand and Chile.