Customs services are a mandatory accompanying element in international transport. Our office is located close to Sofia Airport Customs, which enables us to effectively and efficiently implement the necessary customs services.

ADL has a permanent Customs Agent Authorisation – № 406-2 as of May 11th 2006. Issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Customs services that we can provide are:

  •  Customs clearance
  •  Providing a bank guarantee for the provision of customs duty transit operations
  •  Customs clearance for all modes
  •  Advice on all foreign trade operations and modes
  •  Correctly and accurately create documents for the sale of goods and services in accordance with international agreements (Invoice, Proforma, Packing list)
  •  Documents of origin of the goods
  •  Consultation on cases concerning customs regulations and applicable laws
  •  Preparation of a movement certificate (EUR1, AT.R.)
  •  Production of all types of transport documents (TIR, CMR, etc.)
  •  Placing of goods under Customs Regimes import, export, transit, customs warehousing, temporary import, temporary export
  •  Re-export of goods outside the European Union
  •  Destruction of goods
  •  Consultations to coordinate the European requirements conformed to the TARIC import conditions outside the European Community from third countries
  •  Storage of goods in temporary storage
  •  Customs warehousing of goods in a warehouse type “A”
  •  Stock importers of excisable goods from EU

Confidentiality of information with us is mandatory and guaranteed.