Artistic works

Transport of paintings, musical instruments and other artistic works.

When sending art works or musical instruments overseas, many people come face-to-face with challenges and struggle to go through the necessary steps in between their regular schedules. The whole process is further complicated by administrative and customs procedures which are mandatory in order to successfully export these kinds of items from Bulgaria.

We here at ADL understand the fact that not everyone has the energy or the time to deal with all the red-tape and paperwork – especially in today’s busy, high-speed, everyday life. That is why we are here to help You when You need to get your works of art or musical equipment from Country A to Country B.

This is where we come into play:

  •  We collect the parcel from Your address.
  •  We get the authorisation for export from the Ministry of Culture.
  •  We act as Your representatives in front of the customs officers.
  •  We guarantee the packaging of your parcel. We DO NOT use pre-made packaging, rather crafting every single box and wrapping according to the specific characteristics of your parcel.
  •  We choose the most secure and efficient form of transport.
  •  We can ensure the release from Customs in the country of arrival.
  •  AND, We can also provide insurance for your items.