Oversized and overweight shipments

Oversized and heavy shipments

Volumetric weight

  Chargeable weight is the basis for calculating the price of airfreight and taxes. Chargeable weight is the larger between gross weight and volumetric weight.

  Volumetric weight is calculated with the formula: Length (in cm) x Width (in cm) x Height (in cm) / 6000. According to this formula one cubic meter equals 166.7 volumetric kilograms.

  In case all the cartons are the same dimensions, the volumetric weight is multiplied by the number of cartons. If the cartons are of different dimensions, volumetric weight is calculated per carton. The estimated volumetric weight is measured against the gross weight and the bigger of the two is used as chargeable weight.

  You can find a calculator for volumetric weight here!

Heavy and oversized shipments

  Because of technical reasons, not all shipments can be handled on Sofia Airport

  For those shipments that are heavier or oversized we use RFS (Road Feeder Service).

  Този сервиз прави връзката между големите европейски летища и летище София.

With the RFS we can make a connection between SOF and all major European airports.

  Usually oversized or heavy cargo is:

1. Shipments larger than 240 cm х 150 cm х 114 cm.

2. Shipments heavier than 500 kgs

  Consult with our AirFreight department for more accurate description.