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Customs services are a mandatory accompanying element in international transport. Our office is located close to Sofia Airport Customs, which enables us to effectively and efficiently implement the necessary customs services.

ADL has a permanent Customs Agent Authorisation - № 406-2 as of May 11th 2006. Issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Customs services that we can provide are:

  • Customs clearance
  • Providing a bank guarantee for the provision of customs duty transit operations
  • Customs clearance for all modes
  • Advice on all foreign trade operations and modes
  • Correctly and accurately create documents for the sale of goods and services in accordance with international agreements (Invoice, Proforma, Packing list)
  • Documents of origin of the goods
  • Consultation on cases concerning customs regulations and applicable laws
  • Preparation of a movement certificate (EUR1, AT.R.)
  • Production of all types of transport documents (TIR, CMR, etc.)
  • Placing of goods under Customs Regimes import, export, transit, customs warehousing, temporary import, temporary export
  • Re-export of goods outside the European Union
  • Destruction of goods
  • Consultations to coordinate the European requirements conformed to the TARIC import conditions outside the European Community from third countries
  • Storage of goods in temporary storage
  • Customs warehousing of goods in a warehouse type "A"
  • Stock importers of excisable goods from EU
Confidentiality of information with us is mandatory and guaranteed.

Код Наименование Код на вид плащане IBAN Наименование БАЕ BIC
5100 ТМУ Аерогара София BG10 UNCR 7630 8200 0002 08 UniCredit Bulbank UNCR 9660 UNCRBGSF
5800 ТМУ Столична BG89 UNCR 7000 8219 2905 58 UniCredit Bulbank UNCR 9660 UNCRBGSF
5807 МБ София - Запад BG45 UNCR 7000 8219 2905 74 UniCredit Bulbank UNCR 9660 UNCRBGSF
5808 МБ София - Изток BG07 UNCR 7000 8219 2905 79 UniCredit Bulbank UNCR 9660 UNCRBGSF
Митни сборове 222800
ДДС при внос 220800
Акциз при внос 220300
Глоби, лихви, неустойки 225000

Complete list of codes and bank accounts of customs offices can be found here!

Customs exchange rates change at least once a month! More information about exchange rates you can get here!

If we nominate for your customs agent we need a notarized power of attorney that you can find here!

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